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GRUB Live ISO Multiboot

GLIM is a set of grub configuration files to turn a simple VFAT formatted USB memory stick with many GNU/Linux distribution ISO images into a neat device from which many different Live environments can be used.

See the code and README for more details :

Supported Distributions

Arch Linux

Arch Linux doesn't provide Live CDs, but the ArchBang project does. Both the official Arch Linux dual Install CD and the ArchBang Live CDs are supported.

Debian GNU/Linux

The Debian Live ISOs are supported, though ISO loopback booting is only supported starting with Wheezy (7.0).


ISO loopback booting is supported starting with Fedora 19 (it used to be possible, but with a separate modified initrd).


Grml Live Linux

Groovy Arcade




The KNOPPIX CD EN is supported, though any of the other languages and images would just require additional entries.

Linux Mint

System Rescue CD

This is a very useful Gentoo-based Rescue CD which can be booted with a lot of custom options.


The Ubuntu Desktop Live CDs are supported. Not the Server images.


Special Case Distributions


This is a special case, since OpenELEC isn't provided as ISO images, nor is it able to find the KERNEL and SYSTEM files it needs anywhere else than at the root of the filesystem. But it's useful to enable booting the OpenELEC installer by just copying both files from any single version (ION, Intel, Fusion, Generic, etc.) to the root of the USB memory stick, instead of first having to create a new separate USB memory just for the installer.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux

No Live images are available, yet the installer does support using a DVD ISO image once it is started. To install RHEL, the DVD ISO image must be present, as well as both install.img and product.img inside an images/ sub-directory.